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The Z-CAM E2 F6 Pro Cine Camera is a powerful and versatile tool for professional filmmakers and studios. With its 6K resolution, it can capture stunning footage at up to 60 frames per second, or up to 120 frames per second in 4K. This camera is equipped with a Full Frame CMOS sensor, allowing for exceptional image quality and detail.

One of the standout features of the Z-CAM E2 F6 Pro is its impressive dynamic range of up to 15 stops. This allows for a wide range of lighting situations to be captured with stunning clarity and contrast. The camera also offers Z-Log2, 10-bit colour, and ProRes 422 & ProRes 422 HQ recording options, giving filmmakers the flexibility to achieve their desired look.

The Z-CAM E2 F6 Pro is designed for full camera control, with a 5″ touch screen monitor that allows for easy adjustments and monitoring. It also supports Genlock, making it a great choice for multi-camera setups. The camera offers both 12G SDI and HDMI outputs for versatile connectivity options.

Another key feature of the Z-CAM E2 F6 Pro is its interchangeable lens mount, allowing for compatibility with a wide range of lenses. This makes it a great choice for any type of production, whether it be for cinema, film, or other professional projects.

Overall, the Z-CAM E2 F6 Pro Cine Camera is a top-of-the-line option for filmmakers and studios looking for a high-quality, versatile, and professional camera. With its advanced features and impressive capabilities, the Z-CAM E2 F6 Pro is sure to elevate any production it is used in.

Dynamic Range: 15 Stops
Native ISO: ISO 400
Lens Mount: Canon EF
Audio Inputs: 1 x 3.5mm Mic Input
Battery Mount / Type: V Mount
Media Type: CFast 2.0
Sensor: CMOS
Weight: 0-2kg
Wi-Fi: Yes
1 x Camera body
1 x 5″ Touch Screen Monitor with connector
1 x D-Tap Power Cable Connector.

Sensor Type Full Frame CMOS Sensor
Sensor Size 37.09 x 24.75 mm
Effective Pixels 26M
Dynamic Range 15 Stops
Lens Mount EF mount (with optional M, MFT, PL & LPL mount)
Recording Resolution & Max Frame Rate 6064×4040 @30fps max (Open Gate)
6064×3196 @48fps max (C6K)
5760×3240 @48fps max (6K UHD)
6064×2560 @60fps max (6K 2.4:1)
5376×4032 @30fps max (5K 4:3)
4848×4040 @30fps max (5K 6:5)
5120×2700 @60fps max (C5K)
4800×2700 @60fps max (5K UHD)
4064×2712 @60fps max (C4K 3:2)
4096×2160 @90fps max (C4K)
3840×2160 @90fps max (4K UHD) *
4096×1728 @120fps max (4K 2.4:1)
2112×1188 @170fps max (S16 16:9)
1920×1080 @120fps max (FHD)
* supersampling / cropping selectable, 4K supersampling is supported at the same frame rates as 6K DCI resolution mode
Video Encoder ProRes 422 Proxy, ProRes 422 LT, ProRes 422, ProRes 422 HQ
Colour Bit-depth 10 bit, Z-Log2
Audio Format 16-bit 48 kHz
Audio Encoder AAC / PCM (for MOV only)
File Format MOV / MP4
Record Mode Video / Time Lapse Video
ISO Auto, Manual (400 ~ 51200), Dual Native ISO: 400 / 2500
Shutter Shutter Speed: Auto, Manual (1”~ 1/8000”)
Shutter Angle: Auto, Manual (1° ~ 360°)
White Balance Auto, Preset, Manual (2300K ~ 7500K)
Focus Mode MF
Image Brightness / Contrast / Saturation / Sharpness
Image Config Rec.709, Z-log2, Flat, Concert, HLG
Time Code Current Time / Manual Input
Storage Media CFast 2.0 or ZBlade (custom media)
File System exFAT
Connectivity HDMI
HDMI Type A 2.0
3840×2160/4096×2160/1920×1080 @23.94/24/25/29.97/50/59.94
YUV 422 10bit
48K 2ch audio
3840×2160/4096×2160/1920×1080 @23.94/24/25/29.97/50/59.94
YUV 422 10bit
48K 2ch audio
Time Code In LTC, share the same BNC with Genlock
Genlock BB/Tri-level
Share the same BNC with Time Code In
USB USB 3.0 Type C for camera control & data transfer only
COM 1 x Serial Port
Remote Port 2.5 mm jack socket (Sony LANC compatible)
Audio In 3.5 mm stereo jack socket (TRS) or 5-pin LEMO port for dual channel XLR microphone (require additional XLR audio connector)
Audio Out 3.5 mm stereo jack socket
Wi-Fi 5G, up to 802.11n, external dual antenna port
CTRL 1x Serial Control Port
Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet port for control, setting & live streaming
Monitor (Included in standard package)
Monitor 5″ Touch Screen LCD Monitor, 1000 Nits
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Mount Top & Bottom 1/4″ screw hole with anti-rotational pin (mount holder included in standard package)
Power Through dedicated control cable to camera body
Touchscreen Capacitive touch panel, calibration to Rec.709
Battery V-Mount 14.8V (Battery not included)
Power Input DC 12~18V (2-pin LEMO socket), with LEMO connector
Power Output (AUX) DC 12V 3A max (2-pin LEMO socket)
Power Consumption 50W maximum, not inclusive of AUX power consumption
Camera Body Aluminium Alloy
Weight – Camera 1.39kg (with EF mount)
Weight – Camera + Monitor 1.68kg (with EF mount)
Dimensions (HxWxL) – Camera 108.5 x 107.9 x 156.7mm (with EF mount)
Dimensions (HxWxL) – Monitor 90.6×152.2×26.3mm
Storage Temperature -20 °C ~ 60 °C
Operation Temperature 0 °C ~ 40 °C

6K up to 60fps, 4K up to 120fps
Full Frame CMOS sensor
Up to 15 stops Dynamic Range
Z-Log2, 10-bit Color, ProRes 422 & ProRes 422 HQ
5″ Touch Screen Monitor for full camera control
Genlock support
Interchangeable Lens Mount


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