Swit S-8110S V-Mount Battery




The SWIT S-8110S is a powerful and versatile battery designed for professional use. With a large capacity of 14.4V and 126Wh, it can provide long-lasting power for various equipment. It also features a D-tap output socket, allowing for easy connection to camera lights or other devices. The battery has a metal V-mount plate and a wireless receiver mount, making it convenient to use on set.

One of the standout features of the S-8110S is its 4-level LED power indicator, which allows users to easily check the remaining power before mounting the battery to their camera. Additionally, the battery has a connecting shoe for the wireless receiver S-7002 (sold separately), further expanding its functionality and usefulness on set. With its lightweight design and no memory effect, the S-8110S is a reliable and efficient choice for professional filmmakers and photographers.

Battery Capacity: 126Wh
Accessory Type: Battery
Battery Capacity: 99-150Wh
Battery Indicator: Yes
Battery Mount / Type: V Mount
Battery Technology: Li-ion
Voltage: 14.4v
1x S-8110S V-Lock Battery

About The Swit S-8110S V-Mount Battery
The SWIT S-8110S is a lightweight 126Wh V-mount battery, with a D-tap socket for camera light or other equipments. It also feautures a 4-level LED indicator to give the user a view of remaining power before mounting to camera, and a connecting shoe for wireless receiver S-7002 (sold seperatly).

Voltage 14.4V
Capacity 126Wh
Max Output Power 100W
Max Output Current 8A
Over Current Protection 10A
Mount Type V-mount
Operation temperature 0- 40┬░c
Net Weight Approx 0.9kg
Dimension 165x90x51mm

Li-ion battery, no memory effect
Large Capacity: 14.4V, 126Wh
D-tap output socket
4-level LED power indicator
Metal V-mount plate
Wireless receiver mount


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