Swit S-7004 Canon BP DV Battery Plate




The S-7004 is a versatile and convenient battery mount designed by Swit for their LED lights and monitors. It features a quick release mechanism and is compatible with a range of DV batteries, including the Canon BP-945/970G and Swit’s own S-8845 and S-8945 models. The mount is designed with a stable and reliable connection in mind, ensuring that your battery stays securely in place.

The S-7004C model is specifically designed for use with Canon BP type DV batteries. It can be easily attached to Swit’s on-camera monitors and lights, and is interchangeable with other S-7004 models that are compatible with different types of DV batteries. This makes it a versatile and convenient choice for professionals who need to switch between different battery types on the go.

1x S-7004C – Canon BP DV Battery Plate

About The Swit S-7004 Canon BP DV Battery Plate
Swit’s S-7004 is a quick release and interchangeable DV battery mount for Swit’s range of LED lights and monitors.

S-7004C – Canon BP DV Battery Plate
S-7004C adopts the Canon BP type DV battery plate, compatible with Canon BP-945/970G DV battery and SWIT S-8845, S-8945 DV battery. The structure and power pins ensure a stable and reliable connection.

S-7004C is snap-on designed, can be installed on SWIT on-camera monitors and lightings conveniently, and quickly releasable, interchangeable with other types of S-7004 with different DV battery adapting.


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