Swit S-7003D Panasonic CGA/VBD Battery Plate




The Panasonic CGA/VBD DV battery adapter plate, also known as the SWIT S-7003D, is designed to be compatible with various DV batteries including the Panasonic CGA-D54/D28 and VW-VBD58, as well as the SWIT S-8D62 and S-8D58. This battery plate features a stable and reliable connection with its structure and power pins.

Additionally, the S-7003D battery plate can easily be installed on the SWIT S-1053F 5.5-inch on-camera monitor using four screws. The battery plate also comes with a 5.5mm DC plug, making it convenient to connect to the monitor’s DC-IN port.

1x Swit S-7003D Panasonic CGA/VBD Battery Plate

About The Swit S-7003D Panasonic CGA/VBD Battery Plate
S-7003D is a battery plate compatible with Panasonic CGA-D54/D28, VW-VBD58 series DV batteries, and SWIT S-8D62/S-8D58 DV battery. The structure and power pins ensure a stable and reliable connection. S-7003D battery plate can be installed on SWIT 5.5-inch on-camera monitor S-1053F by 4 screws conveniently, with a 5.5mm DC plug for the monitor DC-IN port.

Applicable battery SWIT S-8D62, S-8D58, Panasonic CGA-D54, CGA-D28, VW-VBD58
Output voltage Nominate DC 7.2V
Dimensions 105×45×17mm
Weight 0.1kg

Panasonic CGA/VBD DV battery adapter plate
SWIT S-8D62 and S-8D58 fit
Panasonic CGA-D54/D28 and VW-VBD58 fit
SWIT S-1053F monitor installation
With DC plug for monitor


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