Swit S-3822S 2-Ch Charger – V-Mount




The S-3822S is a portable charger designed for V-mount batteries. It has the capability to charge 2 batteries simultaneously with a charging output of DC 16.8V and 3A per channel. The front panel also features LED indicators that show the real-time capacity of each channel in different colors: red for below 80%, yellow for above 80%, and green when charging is finished. Additionally, the charger can be used as an AC-DC adaptor with a 4-pin XLR female connector and the optional purchase of the S-7102 XLR female to male cable.

The charging curve of the S-3822S follows a two-period approach, starting with a constant-current period and then switching to a constant-voltage period once the battery reaches a specified set-point voltage. This ensures optimal charging and prevents overcharging. The charger also has multiple safety protection features to protect the batteries from over current, overcharging, and high temperatures. Please note that the AC-DC adapting output will not work while the battery is charging.

Battery / Mount Compatibility: V-Mount
Charging Ports: 2
1x Swit S-3822S 2-ch Charger

About The Swit S-3822S 2-Ch Charger – V-Mount
The portable charger S-3822S can charge 2 V-mount batteries simultaneously. The charging output is DC 16.8V, 3A×2.

2-ch Simultaneous Charger

Charging current: 3A per channel.

LED Charging Indicators

S-3822S has LED charging indicators on the front panel, indicates the real time capacity of each channel by different colours:

Display Red: Battery is charging, capacity below 80%;

Display Yellow: Battery is charging, capacity above 80%;

Display Green: Charging finished.

AC-DC Adapting Output

S-3822S has a 4-pin XLR female connector on the front panel. Connected with SWIT S-7102 XLR female to male cable (optional purchase), the S-3822S can be used as AC-DC adaptor of DC 14.4V, 5A, 72W output.

Please note the AC-DC adapting output will not work when battery is charging.

Optimal Charging Curve

Li-ion charging follows a two-period approach. The first period is constant-current. The battery is charged at the maximum charging rate. When the battery reaches a specified set-point voltage, charging circuits switch to the second period: the constant-voltage period. The charging circuit will provide only enough current to maintain the voltage, to prevent the battery from over charging.

Multiple Safety Protection Design

SWIT charger can identify different chemical types of batteries, and provide the correct charging program, to protect the batteries from over current, over charging, high temperature, etc.

Input 100~240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption Max136W
Charging output DC 16.8V, 3A×2-ch
Adapting output DC 14.4V, 5A
Working temperature 0°C~+40°C
Working humidity 10%~90%
Dimensions 228mm×140mm×120mm
Weight Approx. 1.0kg

Charging V-mount batteries
2-ch simultaneous charging
3A charging current per channel
LED charging indicators
Support AC to 4-pin XLR output
Light weight and portable


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