Swit PC-U130S V-Mount Charger



The V-mount battery charger, known as the PC-U130S, is a compact and portable device designed for charging V-mount batteries. It consists of an AC-DC power module and a DC cable that connects to the pins of V-mount batteries. This single channel charger offers a fast charging current of 3A, making it a convenient and efficient choice for powering up your batteries.

The PC-U130S also features an LED charging indicator, which turns red when the battery is being charged and green when the charging is complete. However, it’s important to note that this charger is not compatible with SmallRig Micro Batteries. Please refer to the manufacturer’s support for more information. Please also keep in mind that the battery is not included and is only used for display purposes.

Battery / Mount Compatibility: V-Mount
Charging Ports: 1
1x S-3010S V-Mount Charger (Excludes main IEC Power Cord)

About The Swit PC-U130S V-Mount Charger
PLEASE NOTE: Battery not included. For display purposes only.

The PC-U130S consists of an AC-DC power module and a DC cable to connect with the pins of V-mount batteries. The single channel charger offers DC 14-16.8V, 3A fast charging output. The PC-U130S has an LED charging indicator. It’s red during charging, and turn to green when charging finished.

PLEASE NOTE: This charger WILL NOT FIT SmallRig Micro Batteries. Please see support.

Power MAX 50.4W
Input AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz
Output DC 14V-16.8V, 3A
Applicable battery V-mount battery
Dimensions 110×50×32mm
Weight 0.26kg

V-mount battery charger
Single channel charging
3A fast charging current
LED charging indicator
Ultra portable

This charger will not fit SmallRig Micro Batteries. SR3580 – SmallRig VB99 Mini V-Mount Battery SR3579 – SmallRig VB50 Mini V-Mount Battery


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