Swit MUF100C Tripod System W/ TH100 Fluid Head




The MUF100C tripod is a lightweight and durable option for professional photographers and videographers. Its legs are made of 8-layer tubular carbon fiber, weighing only 4.36kg, which is 15% lighter than aluminium alloy. The tripod can support up to 25kg and comes with a 10kg load fluid head for smooth pan and tilt motion. The quick release plate has both 1/4in and 3/8in screw bolts and a luminous bubble level for easy use in dark environments. The tripod head also allows for a 360° pan motion and a tilt motion of -75° to +90° for versatile composition options.

The MUF100C tripod is designed for convenience and ease of use. The quick release plate can be installed and released from the side and securely fixed by tapered edges. The tripod head has a 75mm bowl diameter and can be disassembled to fit 100mm diameter heads. The leg angle can be quickly adjusted from 25°, 50°, and 75° with the anti-pinch designed locker. The legs are covered in non-slip sponges and have ergonomic designed buckles for a secure and comfortable grip. With 3-section legs and open angles of 25° to 75°, the tripod can be adjusted to a height of 40cm to 170cm, making it a versatile choice for various cameras and equipment.

Tripod Head Type: Fluid Head
Max Height Group: 10kg
Leg Lock Type: 3 Section
Type: Carbon Fibre
1x Tripod
1x TH100 Fluid Video Head
1x Carrying Case

About The Swit MUF100C Tripod System W/ TH100 Fluid Head
MUF100C is a Carbon Fiber light weight travel tripod with smooth fluid head of 10kg load, an ideal choice for both professional photography and videography, flexible for most cameras with telephoto len or film rigs.

Model MUF100C
Material Carbon fiber
Section 3
Working height 40cm – 170cm
Head model TH100
Bowl diameter 75mm / 100mm
Load 10kg
Max tube diameter 39mm
Tube thickness 1.2mm
Weight 4.3kg

8-Layer Tubular Carbon Fiber

MUF100C tripod legs are made of high intensity carbon fiber of 8-layer tubular construction, only 4.36kg weight, which is 15% less weight comparing to aluminium alloy.

10kg Load Fluid Head

MUF100C tripod has 25kg load itself, and comes with a 10kg load fluid head to allow smooth pan-tilt angle motion. The quick release plate provides 1/4in and 3/8in screw bolts, and the luminous bubble level is clearly visible even at dark environment.

Maximum Motion Angle

MUF100C tripod head supports 360° pan motion and -75° to +90° tilt motion, for variety picture conpositions.

Side Release Plate

The quick release plate is installed and released from the side, and securely fixed by tapered edges on the base plate.

Bowl Size Transfer

The MUF100C tripod head is 75mm bowl diameter. You can also disassemble the 75mm transfer plate to fit more 100mm diameter heads.

One Key Leg Angle Adjustment

Release the locker you can quickly adjust the leg angle from 25°, 50°and 75°. The locker is anti-pinch designed as well.

Ergonomic Designed Buckles

The legs are covered by non-slip sponges and anti-pinch buckles are ergonomic designed, firmly locked and easily unlock.

40 – 170cm Height

MUF100C has 3-section legs, 25° to 75°open angles, allows height adjustment from 40cm to 170cm.


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