Swit LC-D421 W/Sony NP-F Plate X4




The LC-D421 is a 4-channel DV charger that allows for simultaneous charging of 4 DV batteries. Each channel has a charging current of 2A, ensuring a fast and efficient charging process. This charger also supports mixed types of DV batteries, thanks to its snap-on exchangeable DV plates.

The exchangeable DV plates allow users to quickly and easily switch between different types of batteries, making it convenient for those who use multiple types of DV cameras. Additionally, the LC-D421 features 4 LED charging indicators for each channel, providing real-time updates on the battery capacity level. If all 4 LEDs are either flashing or off, users should check the connection of the batteries and plates and restart the charger.

Battery / Mount Compatibility: Sony NP-F
Charging Ports: 4
1x 4-ch Multi-type DV Charger (LC-D421)
4x Battery plates (KA-C10F)

About The Swit LC-D421 W/Sony NP-F Plate X4
4-channel DV Charger

2A per channel

LC-D421 can charge 4 DV batteries simultaneously, with 2A charging current per channel. Users can exchange different types of battery plate to charge different types of DV batteries together.

Exchangeable DV Plates

Snap-on type quick exchangeable DV battery plates enable support for various battery makes and models.

LED Charging Indicators

LC-D421 charger has 4-LED indicators for each charging channel, and display the real-time battery capacity level.In case of the 4 LEDs are all flashing or all off, please check the connection condition of the batteries and plates, and restart the charger.

Input 100~ 240VA, 50/60Hz
Max input power 100W
Charging output DC 8.4V, Max 2A×4-ch
Working temperature 0°C~+40°C
Working humidity 10%~90%
Dimensions 220mm×125mm×69.3mm
Weight Approx. 713g
Compatible Plate models Applicable batteries
KA-C10U SONY BP-U series, SWIT S-8U65, S-8U95
KA-C10F (included) SONY NP-F series, SWIT S-8972, S-8970, S-8770
KA-C10D Panasonic VBD/CGA series;SWIT S-8D98, S-8D58, S-8D62
KA-C10B Panasonic VBG series, SWIT S-8BG6
KA-C10C Canon BP series, SWIT S-8945, S-8845
KA-C10I JVC SSL series, SWIT S-8I75, S-8I50
KA-C10V JVC BNV series, SWIT S-8823
KA-C10E Canon LP-E6, SWIT S-8PE6

4-ch simultaneous charging
2A charging current per channel
Snap-on exchangeable DV plates
Mixed types of DV batteries charging
U/F/D/B/C/I/V/E plates supported
4-LED charging indicators


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