SWIT LA-WR8 Wireless DMX Controller Kit




The LA-WR8 is a compact and portable DMX controller designed for field light kit applications. It is compatible with all standard DMX512 protocol lights, making it a convenient replacement for complex DMX cable work and large DMX consoles. With its 2.4G wireless transmission, this controller offers quick connection, plug and play functionality, and anti-interference capabilities. It also has a transmission distance of 400 meters in line of sight, allowing for easy control of multiple light adapters.

The LA-WR8 features 8 faders and 7 groups that can be switched using 7 color indicators. By matching the controller group color with the light adapter, users can easily connect and control their lights. The light adapter itself has a standard 5-pin DMX connector, making it compatible with all standard DMX lights. The controller can be powered by 2 AA batteries for up to 4 hours of continuous use, and also supports Micro USB power input. The light adapter, on the other hand, only requires 0.5W of power and can be powered by a USB source such as a power bank. This makes the LA-WR8 a convenient and efficient solution for controlling professional lights such as Skypanel, SWIT PL-E series, and FL-C series.

1x LA-WR8 controller
3x LA-WR8-R light adapters
3x Micro USB power cables for light adapter

About The SWIT LA-WR8 Wireless DMX Controller Kit
LA-WR8 is a portable wireless DMX controller for field light kit application, compatible with all standard DMX512 protocol lights. It replaces a complex DMX cable work and large DMX console and makes the field light kit control easier and quicker.

Adopt 2.4G wireless transmission, quick connecting, plug and play, anti-interference, 400 meters transmission distance in line of sight. One controller can be connected with multiple light adapters.

LA-WR8 adopts a standard DMX512 protocol, 8 faders and 7 groups switching by 7 colors indicator. Switch the controller group color the same as light adapters, and they can be connected and controlled.

The light adapter provides standard 5-pin DMX connector, compatible with all standard 5-pin DMX lights.

The Controller can be powered by 2x AA batteries capable of 4 hours continuous work and supports sleep mode if no operation after 1 minute. The Controller supports Micro USB power input as well. You can use a USB power bank to power the controller. The Light Adapter is powered by USB (only 0.5W power). Professional lights like Skypanel, SWIT PL-E series, FL-C series have an USB socket on the light.

Wireless 2.4G transmission
Distance 400 meters (Line-of-Sight)
Input Voltage 2x AA batteries or 5V Micro USB (Controller); 5V Micro USB (Light Adapter)
Power Consumption 5W (Controller), 0.5W (Light Adapter)
Dimensions 184mm×84mm×22mm (Controller), 110mm×70mm×12mm (Light Adapter)
Weight Approx. 274g (Controller), Approx. 47g (Light Adapter)

Pocket size portable DMX controller
2.4G wireless, quick connection
400m (LOS) transmission distance
Control all standard DMX512 lights
8-ch x 7 groups control channels
2x AA batteries or USB power


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