Swit LA-R480 48-Ch DMX512 Light Console




The 48-ch DMX ConsoleLA-R480 is a standard DMX512 light console that features 24 channel sliders and a Page A/B switch, allowing for control of up to 48 channels. It also includes 6 submaster sliders and 1 master slider for additional control options. The console is equipped with an LCD display to show the DMX values of each channel and flash control buttons for each slider. It is also designed to be 19-inch rack mountable for easy installation.

The LA-R480 supports AC 88-256V 50/60Hz input and loop output, as well as RS232 remote control, RJ45 serial link ports, and DMX sockets. It allows for up to 4 units to be connected via serial connection, expanding the DMX channels to a maximum of 192. The master unit controls DMX channels 1-48, while the slave units control channels 49-96, 97-144, and 145-192. With its versatile features and expandable capabilities, the LA-R480 is a reliable and efficient choice for DMX lighting control.

1x Swit LA-R480 48-ch DMX512 Light Console

About The Swit LA-R480 48-Ch DMX512 Light Console
48-ch DMX Console

LA-R480 is a Zero-basis operatable standard DMX512 light console of 24 channel sliders and Page A/B switch to control 48 channels in total.


LA-R480 supports AC 88-256V 50/60Hz input and loop output, RS232 remote control, RJ45 serial link ports and DMX sockets of both 3-pin male and female.

Submaster and Master Control

LA-R480 provides 6x Submaster sliders to group any of the 48 channels, and a Master slider to control all connected lights. The LCD displays exact values of every DMX channel.

Serial Connection to Max 192-ch

You can connect up tp 4x LA-R480 by RJ45 cables, to expand DMX channels to Max 192. The Master unit is in charge of DMX 1-48, and the Slave units are DMX 49-96, 97-144 and 145-192.

Channel 48
Submaster 6
Master 1
DMX 3-pin XLR Female x1; Male x1
Serial connection 4 units, Max 192-ch
Power PowerCON AC 88-256V 50/60Hz IN x1; LOOPx1
Dimension 482×265×75mm
Weight 2.65kg

Standard DMX512 console with isolater
24x channel sliders with A/B switch to 48-ch
6x submaster slider and 1x master slider
Up to 4 units serial connection to 192 channels
LCD display DMX values of each channel
Flash control buttons for each slider
19-inch rack mountable


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