Swit LA-D630 Ball Diffuser For S-2630




The ball diffuser is a device that is used to spread light to a wider angle. It is typically installed on a light fabric using Velcro tape. This allows for a more even distribution of light, making it ideal for lighting up larger areas or creating a softer, more diffused light effect.

The ball diffuser is a popular choice for photographers and videographers, as it helps to eliminate harsh shadows and create a more natural-looking light. It is also commonly used in home lighting fixtures to provide a more pleasant and comfortable lighting experience. With its simple installation using Velcro tape, the ball diffuser is a convenient and effective tool for achieving the desired lighting effect.

About The Swit LA-D630 Ball Diffuser For S-2630
Ball diffuser, spread the light to a wider angle, installed on the light fabric by Velcro tape.

Compatible with| Swit S-2630 150W Flexible Bi-color SMD LED light


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