Swit 4x6A Super Fast Gold Mount Charger




The PC-P461A is a powerful charging device that can simultaneously charge up to 4 Gold mount batteries at a fast 6A current. This means that it can save up to 60% of charging time compared to normal chargers. It is also capable of charging SWIT batteries over 160Wh, such as PB-R160A, PB-R290A, PB-S220A, S-8183A, S-8180A, and S-8113A, at the same fast rate. For other batteries, the charging current is limited to 3A. The charger also features a 3.5-inch colour LCD display that shows the charging progress, current, and voltage. Additionally, there are top large indicators that provide a quick glance at the charging status.

The compact and lightweight design of the PC-P461A makes it easy to carry around. The new handle design ensures that the charger is solid and portable. With its fast charging capabilities and informative display, this charger is a convenient and efficient choice for charging multiple batteries at once.

Battery / Mount Compatibility: Gold Mount
Charging Ports: 4
4x6A Super Fast Gold mount Charger

About The Swit 4x6A Super Fast Gold Mount Charger
4x6A Super Fast Charger

PC-P461A can charge 4 Gold mount batteries simultaneously at Max 6A fast charging current, save up to 60% charging time comparing to normal chargers.SWIT over 160Wh batteries support 6A fast charging:PB-R160A, PB-R290A, PB-S220A, S-8183A, S-8180A, S-8113A;And for other batteries, the charging current will limit to 3A

3.5-inch Colour LCD Display

PC-P461A provides a 3.5-inch colour LCD panel to display charging progress, charging current and voltage.

Top Charging Indicators

Besides LCD screen info, you can check the charging status at a glance by the 4 large size indicators on the top of the charger.

Red on: 0-80%Green flashing: 81%-99%Green on: 100% fully chargedRed flashing: Charging error, check LCD info

Light Weight and Portable

The 4 channel fast charger PC-P461A has minimized the size and weight, and the new handle design makes the charger solid and easy to carry.

Power Max 450W
Input AC100V-240V 50/60Hz
Output DC 16.8V, 6Ax4 or 3A×4
Applicable battery Gold mount battery
Dimensions 330×135.6×162mm
Net weight Net 2.43kg; With package 3.3kg

4-ch simultaneous charging
6A charging for SWIT over 160Wh batteries
3A charging for other batteries
3.5-inch colour LCD info display
Top large charging indicators


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