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The BL-300 is a powerful 300W COB-LED light with a 5600K color temperature and a high CRI of 97 and TLCI of 98. It features a standard Bowens mount and comes with various accessories, making it suitable for broadcast studios, mobile studios, and live streaming applications. The light can provide an impressive 54000Lux illuminance at 1 meter distance with the standard reflector, and even without the reflector, it still offers 12100Lux at 1m. It also has 9 preset light effects with adjustable speed, and can be controlled via DMX512, a control box, or a smartphone app for both iOS and Android devices.

The BL-300’s control box is separate from the light head, allowing for power from both AC and batteries, making it convenient for outdoor use. The control box also has PowerCON AC input, 2 V-mount battery plates, DC connector, 5-pin DMX in and out, control buttons, and an LCD display. The light also offers various Bowens mount accessories for purchase, such as softboxes and beauty dishes. With its impressive brightness and accurate color rendering, the BL-300 is a versatile and professional lighting option for various production needs.

1x Carrying Bag
1x PowerCON AC Cable
1x Light Head & Controller Connection Cable
1x Light Stand Clamp
1x BL-300 Controller
1x BL-300 Head with Yoke
1x Bowen Mount Standard Reflector

About The Swit 300W Bowens Mount COB LED Light
Bowens COB-LED Light

BL-300 is a Bowens mount 300W COB LED light, with DMX control, high CRI/TLCI, accurate color performance, and various Bowens accessories for broadcast studio, mobile studio, live streaming studio applications.

54000Lux @1m Ultra Bright

BL-300 adopts ultra bright 300W COB-LED, 5600K daylight only, provides 54000Lux illuminance at 1 meter distance with standard reflector.

Light only: 12100Lux@1m, 1570Lux@3m, 650Lux@5m.
With Reflector: 54000Lux@1m, 7020Lux@3m, 2910Lux@5m.

Accurate Colour Render
CRI 97; TLCI 98

The normal LED light has 80-85 CRI or TLCI, while BL-300 offers the super high CRI at 97 and TLCI at 98, and will not shift the object original colours under light.

Separated Control Box
AC & Batteries Power, DMX IN & OUT

BL-300 separates the control box to the light head, to enable power by batteries for outdoor lighting. The control box has PowerCON AC input, 2x V-mount battery plates, DC connector with light head, 5-pin DMX in & out, control buttons and LCD display.

Dual Batteries Installation

BL-300 control box can be fixed to 25-45mm light stand, and quickly released by a V welge structure, which is strong enough for 2x large capacity batteries.

Various Bowens Accessories

BL-300 provides various Bowens mount light shape accessories, including quick setup octagonal softbox, lantern softbox, parabolic dome softbox, and beauty dish, snoot, fresnel lens ect, for optional purchase.

9x Light Effects

BL-300 has built-in 9x demo effects, including the commonly used car lights, candles, lightning, flash light effects, for creative productions.

Lightning1, Lightning2, Screen, Candle, Flash, Strobe, Car light, Alarm, Breath

Smart Phone APP Control
IOS and Android

BL-300 and its series model BL-150E, BL-200, can be connected to smart phone by bluetooth, and you can rename and group the lights, adjust dimmer, select light effects, and sync the light effect to a music in your device.

IOS APP: App Store, search “DeSal Lite+”Android APP: Download HERE.

Model BL-300
Colour Temperature 5600K
Brightness 0%-100%
Luminance 54000 Lux @ 1m (With reflector)
Accessory Mount Bowens Mount
CRI 97
DMX DMX 512 input & output
Power input PowerCON AC 100-240V,
Dual 11-16.8V V-mount batteries
Dimensions Light head: 301 x 199 x 333mm
Controller: 170 x 125 x 218mm
Weight Light head: 2.5kg
Controller: 1.9kg
300W ultra bright 5600K COB-LED
54000Lux @ 1m with reflector
CRI Ra 97, TLCI 98
Standard Bowens Mount, various accessories
Separate control box, AC and dual batteries power
0-100% flick-free dimming
9 presets light effects with speed adjustment
DMX512 5pin XLR input & output
LCD display dimmer, light effect and DMX
Support IOS/Android APP control


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