Swit 100W Bi-Colour Flexible Light




The SL-100P is a versatile and powerful lighting option, featuring 560pcs SMD LEDs and a separate light controller with an LCD screen. It is IP54 waterproof for both the light head and controller, making it suitable for use in various weather conditions. With 100W power and a maximum brightness of 2800Lux at 1 meter, this light also offers adjustable color temperature from 2700K to 6500K and non-flickering dimming capabilities.

In addition to its impressive technical features, the SL-100P also comes with a range of useful accessories, including a rainproof V-mount battery and a high intensity light stand clamp. Optional add-ons such as a ball diffuser and eggcrate softbox are also available for purchase, making this a truly versatile and customizable lighting solution.

1x Light Head
1x Light Controller
1x X Bracket
1x Rotatable Light Stand Connector
1x Light Stand Clamp
1x AC-DC Adaptor
1x Carrying Bag

About The Swit 100W Bi-Colour Flexible Light
IP54 RainProof Flexible Light

The New Generation Bi-colour Flexible LED Light SL-100P features 100W power and IP54 rainproof certified for both light head and controller. Together with SWIT IP54 rainproof V-mount batteries (PB-R160S+ or PB-R290S+), you can put the light in rain at any angle without additional protections.

Foldable SMD-LED Fabric

The foldable design of fabric SMD-LED light head has reduced package size and enhanced the LED reliability. The connection between light head and controller has updated to high strength XLR connector.

The Light Controller
DMX IN & OUT, IP54 rainproof

SL-100P light controller provides Dimmer and Color temperature control knobs, LCD display, V-mount battery plate, 11-36V wide range 4-pin XLR DC IN, 5-pin XLR DMX IN and OUT, and 5V USB power out for wireless DMX adaptor.

LCD Screen and Knobs

The LCD screen of the light controller displays Dimmer percentage, Colour temperature, and DMX address. The DMX control supports Consoler mode and Interactive control without a Consoler. Long press Colour Temp to switch between Consoler mode and Interactive control mode, and Long press Dimmer knob to set DMX address.

100W, 2800Lux @ 1m

SL-100P outputs 2800Lux luminance at 1 meter distance (center), supports 0% to 100% non-flickering PWM digital dimming, The non-liner dimmer curve makes light output more smoothly at low intensity range.

2700K-6500K Adjustable

SL-100P alternated with 100W 2700K LEDs and 100W 6500K LEDs, the output color temperature can be continuously adjustable between 2700K and 6500K, and keep total output at 100W.

CRI Ra 98, TLCI 98

The normal LED light has 80-85 CRI or TLCI, while SL-100P high end SMD LEDs featured great performance on colour rendition. The CRI Ra scores 98, and TLCI scores 99.

Light Stand Clamp

SL-100P flexible light provides a high intensity light stand clamp to fix the light controller and a battery, universally compatible with 25-45mm light stands, max load 5kg.

Optional Softbox

SL-100P Flexible light provides a Ball Diffuser (Model LA-DS100) and an Eggcrate Softbox (Model LA-BS100) for optional purchase.

Model SL-100P
LED 560pcs
Colour Temperature 2700K-6500K
Brightness 0%-100%, Non-liner
Luminance 2800 Lux @ 1m
IP Class IP54 (Both light head and Controller)
CRI 98
Power 100W
Input Voltage DC/Battery 11-36V
Dimensions Light head: 600x470mm, Controller: 239x112x72mm
Weight Light: 0.4Kg, Controller: 1.06Kg

560pcs SMD LEDs fabric foldable light
Separate light controller with LCD screen
IP54 waterproof for light head and Controller
100W power, 2800Lux @ 1 meter
2700K-6500K continuously adjustable
0-100% non-liner curve flick-free dimming
CRI Ra 98, TLCI 99
DMX512 5pin XLR in and out
DC 11-36V input and V-mount battery power
Ball diffuser and Eggcrate softbox for option


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