Sachtler 75/2 AL Mk II Tripod




The Sachtler 75/2 AL Mk II Tripod is a versatile and lightweight option for videographers and photographers alike. Made from durable aluminium, this 2-stage tripod weighs only 2.2kg (4.9lbs), making it easy to transport and set up on location.

Featuring a 75mm bowl, this tripod is compatible with a variety of cameras, including ultra-light camcorders and DSLRs. It also has 3/8” accessory mounting points on the bowl, allowing you to attach additional equipment such as lights or microphones.

For added convenience, the Sachtler 75/2 AL Mk II Tripod comes with a carry handle included. This makes it easy to carry the tripod from one location to another, without having to disassemble it. Please note, a spreader is required for this tripod and is sold separately.

Whether youre shooting on location or in a studio, the Sachtler 75/2 AL Mk II Tripod offers stability and versatility for all your filming needs. Its lightweight design and accessory mounting points make it a valuable addition to any videographers or photographers gear collection.

Max Payload: 20kg
Leg Section: 2 Section
Head Fitting: 75mm
Material: Aluminium
S2172-0001 – Tripod 75/2 AL Mk II
S2051-1063 – Carry handle

Payload 20KG
Weight 2.2kg
Height range height with ground spreader: 43 – 158 cm; height with mid-level spreader 63 – 154 cm
height with ground spreader: 16.9 – 62.2in; height with mid-level spreader: 24.8 – 60.6in
Transport length 71cm
Bowl size 75mm
Stages 2
Tripod material Aluminium
Temperature range -40° to +60°C
-40° to +140°F

2-stage aluminium 75mm tripod
Lightweight: only 2.2kg (4.9lbs)
3/8” accessory mounting points on the bowl
Carry handle included


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