Miller Arrowx 3 Combo Pedestal System




The Miller 1971 – Arrowx 3 Combo Pedestal System is the ultimate filming companion for any small broadcast studio. This compact and portable system includes the Arrowx 3 Fluid head, Studio Dolly, and Pan handle, making it the perfect all-in-one solution for your filming needs.

Setting up and using the Miller 1971 – Arrowx 3 Combo Pedestal System is a breeze. Its simple design allows for quick and easy setup, so you can focus on capturing the perfect shot. Plus, with its carry handle for the dolly, you can easily transport the system to any location.

One of the standout features of the Miller 1971 – Arrowx 3 Combo Pedestal System is its air adjustable column system. This allows for quick and effortless payload balancing, ensuring smooth and stable movements. The system also features a quick action column lock for added convenience.

The Miller 1971 – Arrowx 3 Combo Pedestal System boasts a smooth 350mm (13.8”) stroke, providing maximum stability for payloads up to 30kg (66Ibs). Its independent 125mm dolly wheel brake system and sturdy adjustable cable guards add to its reliability, making it a high performer in any filming situation.

With a steering wheel diameter of 294mm (11.6”) and a dolly tracking width of 920mm (36.2”), the Miller 1971 – Arrowx 3 Combo Pedestal System offers exceptional maneuverability. And with a fluid head payload range of 1kg – 19kg (2.2lbs – 41.8lbs), it is suitable for a wide range of filming equipment.

Tripod Head Type: 100mm Ball Head
Material: Aluminium
Payload Range: 1-19kg 2.2-41.8lbs
1x ArrowX 5 Fluid Head
2x Pan Handle – telescopic with clamp
1x Combo Pedestal

About The Miller Arrowx 3 Combo Pedestal System
The Miller Combo Pedestal series offers light weight portability with air adjustable column system that provides a smooth 350mm (13.8”) stroke for maximum payloads 30kg (66Ibs).

With its sturdy construction it delivers maximum stability with reliable and simple to use features. This makes the Combo Pedestal series a high performer offering perfect option for small broadcast studios looking for a versatile pedestal that punches above its weight.

Payload Range 1-19kg (2.2-41.8lbs)
Weight 18.0kg (39.7lbs)
Height Range 1062-1412mm (41.8-55.6″)
Mounting Base Ø100mm (3.9″) ball levelling
Column In-Shot Stroke 350mm (13.8″)
Steering Wheel Diameter Ø294mm (11.6″)
Tracking Width 1072mm (42.2″)
Wheel Diameter Ø294mm (11.6″)

Compact and portable with carry handle for dolly
Simple and easy to setup and use
Air adjustable column system for quick payload balancing
Quick action column lock
Smooth 350mm (13.8”) stroke
Independent 125mm dolly wheel brake system
Sturdy adjustable cable guards
Steering wheel diameter 294mm (11.6”)
Dolly tracking width 920mm (36.2”)
Fluid head payload Range 1kg – 19kg (2.2lbs – 41.8lbs)


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