Miller 3602 CiNX Resin Case




The Miller 3602 (MIL-3602) CiNX Resin Transit Case is the perfect solution for safely transporting your CiNX Fluid Head and accessories. This high-performance case is designed with features that prioritize both functionality and durability.

The ergonomic handle, made of PP SEBS material and steel pin, provides a comfortable grip for easy carrying. The case is also equipped with CNC cut PE 45 foam custom inserts, specifically designed to fit the CiNX head and accessories. This ensures that your equipment stays secure and protected during transport.

Constructed with high-quality resin, this case is water, acid, corrosion, and crush proof, making it ideal for any travel or transport situation. The reinforced hinges and corners add extra strength and stability to the case, ensuring that your valuable equipment stays safe and secure.

The Miller 3602 CiNX Resin Transit Case is also designed with convenience in mind. It features double hinge latches for a secure closure and neoprene O-rings to keep the case airtight and watertight. Additionally, an air pressure release valve allows for easy opening and closing of the case.

Whether you’re a professional videographer or a hobbyist, this case is the perfect companion for your CiNX Fluid Head and accessories. Its lightweight design and durable construction make it the ideal choice for transporting your equipment safely and securely. Don’t compromise on the safety of your gear – choose the Miller 3602 CiNX Resin Transit Case for all your travel and transport needs.

Accessory Type: Bags/Cases & Covers
1x 3602 CiNX Resin Transit Case

About The Miller 3602 CiNX Resin Case
The high-performance Resin hard case with CNC custom cut PE45 foam interior is a lightweight, waterproof, unbreakable case designed specifically to stow and transport the Miller’s CiNX Fluid head and accessories.

Interior rubber O-rings keep the case air and watertight. This efficient design translates into a clean finish on the back side of the case, soft-grip handle for carrying and an air pressure release valve. The case is sealed with double hinged latches for a firm closure that will accept an optional TSA (Transportation Security Administration) approved lock.

Weight 5.0kg (10.9lbs)
Dimensions 543 x 419 x 218mm (21.37 x 16.49 x 8.58″)
Ergonomic handle made of PP SEBS material and a steel pin to provide a high level of ergonomics
CNC cut PE 45 foam custom inserts for CiNX head and accessories
Water, acid, corrosion and crush proof
Double hinge latches
Reinforced hinges and corners
Neoprene O-rings keep the cases airtight and watertight
Air pressure release valve


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