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Introducing the Miller 1074 ArrowX 5 Fluid Head with 16 Position Counter Balance Plus TM System, a compact, lightweight, and versatile camera support system that sets new standards for professional camera work. With 7 selectable fluid pan and tilt drag options, a wide payload range of 2-21kg, and a precise floating pan-tilt calliper lock, this fluid head offers unparalleled flexibility and accuracy for creative professionals.

Designed with the user in mind, the Arrowx 5 features an “all in one location” control design for fast and practical use. The illuminated bubble level and pan-tilt drag controls make it easy to achieve perfect shots every time, while the smooth start and soft stop technology ensures balanced diagonal transitions for seamless footage.

One of the standout features of the Arrowx 5 is Miller’s innovative 16 position CB PlusTM counterbalance system. With eight larger counterbalance steps and a convenient “one flick” switch, this system allows for rapid and accurate setup, making it ideal for ENG and EFP shooting. The CB PlusTM also offers a half step between each larger step for precise counterbalance fine-tuning.

With a wide payload range and the ability to mount a second pan handle, the Arrowx 5 is suitable for use with a variety of cameras, lenses, and accessories. Its robust construction makes it perfect for rugged outdoor shooting conditions, while the option to mount a Mitchell base and side accessories adds even more versatility.

Join the ranks of professionals who trust Miller’s 62 years of experience and choose the Arrowx 5 for your next project. With its reliability, “right feel,” and innovative features, this fluid head is sure to elevate your camera work to new heights.

Tripod Head Type: Fluid Head
Max Payload: 21kg
Type: Video
1x ArrowX 5 Fluid Head

About The Miller 1074 ArrowX 5 Fluid Head
Following in the tradition and reputation of the world-renowned Arrow series, the all-new Arrowx 5 sets new dimensions in professional camera support augmenting the power of expression of creative professionals.

Featuring a wide payload range, precision fluid drag and Miller’s innovative 16 position CB PlusTM counterbalance system, Arrowx 5 delivers the flexibility, speed of set up and accuracy of shot, professionals expect and demand from Miller’s 62 years of experience.

2-21kg (4.4-46.2lbs) payload range and 7 + 0 selectable pan-tilt fluid drag positions make Arrowx 5 ideal for ENG and EFP, enabling it to be used with a wide range of cameras, lenses and accessories and offering.

CB PlusTM is an innovative sequential counterbalance design, taking traditional counter balancing a step forward ahead of the rest, resulting in repeatable, accurate and rapid setup. CB PlusTM features eight larger counterbalance steps, allowing the user to get to their required counterbalance position quickly and efficiently. The CB Plus “one flick” switch conveniently located at the front of the head, adds a half step between each of the eight larger steps enabling counterbalance fine-tuning when required.

The new Arrowx 5 comes with the reliability and “THE RIGHT FEEL” that are the hallmarks of every Miller product.

Sliding Range: 120mm (4.7”)
Weight: 3.40 kg (7.5 lbs)
Pan Drag: 7 selectable fluid drag positions + 0
Pan Lock: Positive lock calliper brake system
Height Above Bowl: 162 mm (6.4 in)
Payload Range: 2-21kg (4.4-46.2lbs)
Mounting: 100mm (3.9”) ball levelling with 3 x M5 holes for flat base mounting
Pan Range: 360 °
Counter balance System: 16 selectable positions
Pan Handle: Telescopic 390 to 590mm (15.4 to 23.2”)
Illumination: Bubble level, pan-tilt drag controls
Compact, lightweight and versatile.
7 selectable of fluid pan and tilt drag
16 position CB PlusTM counterbalance system.
Wide payload range 2-21kg (4.4-46.2lbs).
Fluid drag system with smooth start and soft stop technology & balanced diagonal transitions.
Controls “all in one location” design for fast, easy and practical use.
Illuminated bubble level and pan-tilt drag controls.
Precise floating pan-tilt calliper locks ensure bounce free on-off performance.
Quick release, 120mm sliding camera platform with camera plate (euro).
Removable ball level stud for flat base mounting (Sliders) with 3/8” screw hole.
Mitchell base adaptable.
Robust construction for rugged outdoor shooting conditions.
Optional second pan handle mount.
Side mounting points for viewfinders and accessories.


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