Hawk-Woods DV-F990 Battery




Introducing the Hawk-Woods Sony NPF (L-Series) 7.2V 10200mAh Battery Replacement (p/n DV-F990), the ultimate power source for your electronic devices. This powerful battery is designed to provide long-lasting and reliable performance, making it the perfect replacement for Sony’s NPF battery.

The Hawk-Woods DV-F990 is a lithium-ion battery with a voltage of 7.2V and a capacity of 10200mAh, making it a high-performance power source for your devices. With its 6-cell design, this battery offers a whopping 74Wh of power, ensuring that your devices stay powered for extended periods of time.

Compatible with Sony’s NPF and L-series, the Hawk-Woods DV-F990 is a versatile battery that can be charged using any standard charger, such as the DV-MC2, DV-MC4, DV-MC8, and DV-C1. This means you can easily charge your battery using your existing chargers, eliminating the need for additional equipment.

With a compact and lightweight design, the Hawk-Woods DV-F990 is perfect for on-the-go use. Whether you’re on a professional shoot or traveling, this battery is easy to carry and provides a reliable power source for your devices. Plus, its lithium-ion technology ensures a longer lifespan and better performance compared to traditional batteries.

Invest in the Hawk-Woods DV-F990 Lithium-Ion Mini-DV Battery and experience the convenience and power it offers. Say goodbye to constantly changing batteries and hello to uninterrupted power with this 6-cell, 10200mAH, 74Wh battery. Don’t settle for less, choose the best with Hawk-Woods.

Battery Capacity: 74Wh
Battery Mount / Type: Sony NP-F
Battery Technology: Li-ion
1x DV-F990 Battery

Dimensions 5.9 x 3.8 x 7cm
Weight 0.297kg
Cells Lithium-Ion
Sony NPF


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