BoxIO is an advanced color management device designed for both color critical post production environments and demanding on set color management applications.

BoxIO supports both 3D and 1D LUTs for unparalleled image control. BoxIO can be used for calibration, on set grading, and other LUT based operations.

33x33x33 3D LUT support
Twice the data points of devices with 26^3 3D LUTs and over 7 times the data points of devices with just 17^3 3D LUTs

4096 entry point 1D LUTs both before and after the 3D LUT
Many LUT devices offer no 1D LUT support or only support 1D LUTs or 3D LUTs, but not a combination of the two. The few devices that do offer 1D LUT support typically only offer 1024 entry point 1D LUTs in a single position, either before or after the 3D LUT.

Tetrahedral LUT interpolation
Trilinear LUT interpolation, found on many LUT devices, can be particularly problematic in HDR workflows. Tetrahedral LUT interpolation can provide significantly improved accuracy and visual performance.

Full 12bit 444 signal support
Many LUT boxes limit support to 10bit signals, but some HDR specifications are specifically optimized for 12bit signal


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