Edelkrone V-Mount Power Module



Power Module
Powers up to 4 edelkrone devices with a single V-Mount or Gold Mount battery.

One, instead of a dozen!
Power Module reduces battery and charger maintenance by dramatically decreasing the number of standard battery swaps. Thanks to the high power capacity of V-Mount and Gold Mount batteries, you can shoot longer and achieve uninterrupted productions.

Gripping accessories included
Effortlessly attach your Power Module to a tripod via the cold-shoe on the hook & loop fastener included.

Works great with Edelkrone motion control ecosystem
Easily power each edelkrone motion control combination, such as JibONE, Pan Module and HeadPLUS, by a single power source.

Type: Gold Mount
Size: 3.3 x 2.53 x 1.33 in (84 x 64.5 x 34 mm) actual size & buttons are not included
Weight: 170 g
DC Output Jacks: All four DC outputs are standard positive polarity jacks. These plugs are directly connected to the battery terminals and provide the same voltage as the V-Mount which is ideally between 12V and 16.8V.
D-Tap Jacks: Includes a D-Tap output (D-Tap cables are not included)
Cables: DC to DC cables; x4 1.30 m cable, x1 1.5 m cable

Power Module for V-Mount
5 x cables
Cold Shoe mount accessories
2 x hook & loop for cold shoe mounting
9 x hook & loop cable organizers
2 mm Allen key


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