Datavideo PD-6A Power Center




The PD-6A power supply is a versatile and powerful option for powering multiple devices. With 8 DC outputs, each providing 48V/60W, it can support up to 8 devices simultaneously. This makes it a convenient and efficient choice for various setups.

Not only does the PD-6A offer ample power, but it also comes with built-in protection against DC and AC overload. It is compatible with different optional accessories, such as the Datavideo CB-22H and CB-23H all-in-one cables, DDC-4012H XLR DC-DC converter, and VP-605H all-in-one cable extender. Additionally, it can automatically adjust to work with 50Hz or 60Hz supplies between 100-240VAC. Its standard 19 inch, 1U rack-mountable case is made of strong and rugged material, ensuring durability and reliability.

1 x PD-6A Product
1 x AC Cord

About The Datavideo PD-6A Power Center
One power supply can provide the power source for up to eight devices

Each DC output provides 48V/60W, and 8 DC outputs with a combined total power consumption of 500W

PD-6A is designed to provide both DC & AC overload protection

Redundant hot-swappable power supplies

DC output LED indicator

Automatically adjusts to work with 50Hz or 60Hz supplies between 100-240 VAC

Different optional accessories available

Compatible with Datavideo CB-22H, CB-23H All in one cable, DDC-4012H XLR DC-DC Converter and VP-605H All In One Cable Extender

Standard 19 inch, 1U rack-mountable case

Strong and rugged material, super sturdy and durable

AC Input 100~240 VAC (50Hz or 60Hz)
(500W: 110V-120V/5A~220V-240V/2.6A)
AC input outlet: One AC input with Power Switch
DC Backup Input —-
DC Output 8 DC Outputs (4 pin female XLR) 60W: 48V (1.25A)
PIN 3/4: N/C
Max. Power Rating 500W
DC Overload 105%~150% rated output power
Protection type: Recovery automatically after fault condition is removed
AC Overload non-recovery fuse on the AC input outlet
LED Indicator LED indicator for DC output: Green on operation
Note: If DC out is shorted or overloaded, the LED indicator will be turned off.
Power Source Input Select AUTO/AC —-
Dimension (LxWxH) 440 x 235 x 46 mm
Weight 5.2 kg
Power AC 100-240 VAC
Operating Temp. Range0~40 ┬░C
What’s in the Box 1 x PD-6A Product
1 x AC Cord


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