Datavideo Mat For Chromakey – Green




The MAT-Series plastic clothes for chromakey are specially designed to provide high-quality results for chromakey projects. These clothes are coated with a water and stain repellent material, ensuring that they remain clean and free from any unwanted marks or stains. This makes them ideal for use in various settings and environments, as they can withstand spills and splashes without affecting the chromakey quality.

In addition to their protective coating, the MAT-Series clothes also feature a non-reflective surface. This helps to eliminate any unwanted glare or reflections, which can interfere with the chromakey process. With this non-reflective coating, users can achieve a seamless and professional-looking chromakey effect in any surrounding, whether it be a studio or an outdoor location. Overall, the MAT-Series plastic clothes provide a practical and effective solution for achieving great chromakey results.

1x Datavideo Mat for Chromakey – Green

Model Number MAT-2
Colour Green
Size (WxL) 1.8 x 27m
Thickness 0.6mm


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