Atomos Sumo 19 Sun Hood




The Sumo19 Sunhood is a specially designed accessory for the Atomos 19″ Monitor, aimed at providing optimal viewing conditions even in bright and harsh lighting. Its main purpose is to block any excess reflections that may wash out the displayed image, ensuring that the monitors screen remains clear and visible at all times.

One of the key features of this sun hood is its integrated mounting bracket, which allows for easy attachment to the monitor. Additionally, the hood is made with zippers to ensure that it retains its shape and provides maximum protection against glare. This makes it an essential tool for monitoring HDR imagery, as it helps to prevent any overpowering of the contrast range due to unwanted reflections.

Accessory Type: Sunhood
1x Sun Hood for Sumo 19

About The Atomos Sumo 19 Sun Hood
Sumo19 Sunhood

When monitoring in harsh lighting conditions, the deep Atomos Sunhood for Sumo 19″ Monitor will block excess reflections from washing out the displayed image. This is especially important when viewing HDR imagery, which naturally uses a larger contrast range, and can easily be overpowered by glare. The hood attaches via an integrated mounting bracket and uses zippers to retain its shape.

Compatibility Sumo19 Monitor

Sun Hood designed for the Atomos 19″ Monitor
Block excess reflections from washing out the displayed image
Hood attaches via an integrated mounting bracket


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