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The 8Sinn Cage for Atomos Shinobi is a lightweight and durable accessory that provides easy access to all sockets on your monitor. It includes additional 1/4″ mounting points on top and at the bottom, as well as a HDMI protective cable clamp. When combined with other products from 8Sinn, this cage is guaranteed to provide a perfect fit and comfortable use. The materials used in its construction, along with its modern design, make it both lightweight and ergonomic.

Not only does the 8Sinn Cage protect your Atomos Shinobi monitor, it also enhances its capabilities. The frame-like cage is designed to seamlessly integrate with the monitor’s structure, and is made from a single piece of lightweight yet durable air aluminium. The built-in NATO rails on the top and bottom provide a quick-release solution for accessories, while still allowing easy access to all sockets. Additional 1/4″ mounting points and a HDMI cable clamp make this cage a versatile and practical option for any filmmaker.

Accessory Type:
1x 8Sinn Cage for Atomos Shinobi
1x 8Sinn HDMI cable clamp
1x 8Sinn Sunhood for Atomos Shinobi / Ninja V Cage

About The 8Sinn Cage & Sunhood – Shinobi
Set combined from our line of products have the guarantee of adjustment.

Coherence of the individual parts give you the comfort in using.

Materials that have been used, modern design, light weight, modular structure and ergonomic shape are the aspects that take part in every product, as well as in every set.

8Sinn Cage for Atomos Shinobi

Using your Atomos Shinobi with the 8Sinn cage will help you to protect your monitor and to develop its capabilities.

Ergonomic Design and Organic Shape

Frame-like cage has been carefully designed so that not to interrupt the monitor`s structure.

One Piece of Aluminium

The cage has been cut out from one piece of air aluminium, which makes it lightweight and durable at the same time.

Built-in Two NATO Rails

Top and bottom side of the cage serve as built-in NATO rails – standard solution for quick-release accessories.

Easy Access to All Sockets

Every plug and socket are easily accessible.

Mounting Points and HDMI Cable Clamp

Additional 1/4″ mounting points on top and at the bottom of the cage, which are useful for extra accessories. Cage is attached to the monitor by two 1/4″ screws (top and bottom). Bottom of the cage includes the 1/4″-3/8″ reduction screw. When the reduction screw is inserted, the mounting point is 1/4″, when reduction screw is unscrewed the mounting point changes into 3/8″.

Thanks to dedicated openings at the bottom, the Shinobi cage can be used with ARRI standard accessories equipped with anti-twist pins. HDMI protective cable clamp – prevent the cable from being accidentally disconnected.

Length 167mm
Height 107mm
Width 28mm
Weight 100g
Compatibility Atomos Shinobi

Easy access to sockets
Additional 1/4″ mounting points on top and at the bottom of the cage
Includes a HDMI protective cable clamp


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